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Show Schedule

(subject to change slightly, please check back before the show)

10:30 AM          Judges' Announcements

10:40 AM          Introductory Class - Session 1

11:10 AM          BREAK

11:20 AM          Introductory Class - Session 2

12:00 PM          Cascade Mounted Archers Performance

12:40 PM          Introductory Class - Session 3

  1:40 PM           BREAK

  1:50 PM           Announcement for Blind Class

  2:00 PM           Blind Class

  3:10 PM           BREAK

  3:20 PM           Advanced Class

  4:00 PM           BREAK

  4:50 PM           Drill Team Performance

  4:40 PM           Award Ceremonies


Award Categories

Stay tuned as we add more!

World's Worst Dressage Rider

Floopsiest Salute

The person who scores the highest between the audience score and judge scores will receive a trophy for the World's Worst Dressage Rider!

The participant, with the longest, most  elaborate, over the top salute will win this category.

Low Point

This will be solely based on the audience's favorite move from any participant in the show.

Dressage Queen

The most matchy matchy rider with a matchy matchy matching horse will be crowned the Dressage Queen in the awards ceremony!

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