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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at the show? 


The show has participants in 3 categories showcasing their personal special connection with their horses. Participants are encouraged to be creative, wear costumes, etc. Our judges are local professionals in comedy and horses and will keep the crowd entertained with their running commentary. 


Why does this show cost money? How much is it? 


This show is not a normal horse show. It involves professionals that are deserving of fair wages. It provides an opportunity for newer competitors to get experience in showing without the pressure of conventional shows, which can be stressful and detracting for many equestrians. Additionally, we hope to bring this very needed experience to more people in the future. Growth takes money. We appreciate your patronage. The show will only get better and better through time because people like you support these professionals, these participants, and the idea that horses can be fun and entertaining. The show is $22 through ticketspice. Considering your average comedy show in Portland is now around $90 and only lasts a couple hours, this is a steal! 


Who are the judges? 


Our judges are local comedians and equestrian professionals. Their purpose is to add levity to the event. We aim to highlight local professionals who have demonstrated efforts of inclusivity and compassion into their professional work. To find out more information on who specifically is judging, check out our Facebook page! 


I would like to be involved. How do I go about this? 


We would always love some more volunteers! Please email us, or send an inquiry using the contact form on the website to get on our volunteer list. Performance participation is closed for our April 22nd show, but we will have more opportunities in the future. Vendors are welcome to inquire. Food vendors must be validated through the fairgrounds. 


Will this show be live streamed? 


We hope to have live streaming in the future. We hope to have some volunteers adding video to our Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook pages for our first few shows! 


Will there be photography? 


We will have a professional photographer on site and pictures can be purchased directly from them. 


What kind of “extras” will be at the show? 


This horse show will feature several extras! We will have a free coffee station, a taco truck vendor, a small art station, and a merch table. 


Who can attend? 


This show is great for people of all ages! 


Who can participate?


Anyone with a vision that is loosely related to horses can perform in our show. You must have a “horse” of some sort. This show is intended to inspire creativity. You do not have to be a dressage rider or even own a horse. 


When is the show? 


Our first show will be held April 22nd at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, Washington. We have a tentative second show scheduled for October 14 in Eugene. If you are interested in hosting a World’s Worst Dressage Show in your area, please contact us! 


What are the tests for the show? 


Our tests are unique, goofy, creative, and proprietary patterns based on real dressage tests. These riding and in-hand tests should be a fun challenge to anyone! We release the tests to participants once they are fully registered. 


What is the parking situation? 


Each venue is different. Clark County Fairgrounds has a parking lot for general admission. They may require a small parking fee, so please come prepared. RV and trailer parking is available for participants bringing their horses in. We are happy to accommodate those with mobility issues if the general admission parking lot is too far away. 


How do I get a hold of you? 


Please reach out to us by using the contact form on the website! Or send us an email! We will get back to you as soon as we are able.

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