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Registration is closed

  • Fill out the Registration Form. Make sure you fill out all the fields, and be as detailed as you can in your bio and about your horse! We will use that info for the announcers. Feel free to request a song to be played during your test.

  • Sign the Liability Waiver. We need everyone to sign in order to participate!

  • Keep an eye on your email! We will follow up with you to confirm your registration info and payment amount within 24 hours of receiving your registration. Once that is confirmed, we will let you know how to pay.


  • Ticketing window: Sells tickets and takes tickets

  • Talent wrangler: Walks our participants from the barn into the staging area for the show

  • Runner for judges: Assists judges in anything they may need

  • Class caller: This person needs to have a loud voice to call out the blind test to riders

  • Merch table: Helps sell merch at our merch table

  • Floaters: Takes video, helps relieve other positions, assists event planner and participants with random needs, directs people with questions to me

  • Phone videographers: Helps take video from different angles and uploads it to our YouTube channel

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